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December Newsletter

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Happy Holidays to all  of our visitors!! This month's newsletter is a bit shorter than ususal, and only addresses a couple of things (though both very important this time of year). Firstly, we have once again put up a gift tree for our client's children this holiday season.  The Gift Giving Tree is located at Sundance Realty (105 North Third Street, Sundace) and will be up until the 19th of December.  Simply stop by, get a tag for a child, shop for that child, and return the gift (preferrably unwrapped) to Sundance Realty or our office.

Secondly, our article addresses the effect of domestic violence on mothers and children, specifically why a mother may not leave the relationship, and behaviors and patterns of children witnessing (not necessarily being directly victimized).  This information is especially important during the holiday season, a time domestic violence incidents notoriously increase. If you see family members or children exhibiting these behaviors, it may be a good time not necessarily to intervene, but at least get more information to understand their situation.

If you have any questions regarding the Gift Giving Tree or domestic violence situations you may be dealing with this holiday season, feel free to contact Sandy or Tracy at 307-283-2415,

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!! :)

November Newsletter

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Greetings all!! October passed by too quickly and we're already almost a week into November! Our newsletter this month has a few new things in it! We included a survivor story by one of our agency's most dedicated volunteers, some statistics provided by the National Domestic Violence Hotline, nationally and Wyoming specific, and a small agency wishlist for the upcoming holiday season.

Go check it out!! :)

October Newsletter

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Our October newsletter is jam packed with important information about domestic violence! What it is, awareness events, common myths, how to get help, how to give help, etc. So go check it out! (in the Photo Gallery section of the website)

Also, CCFV will be encouraging all Crook County residents to participate in our "Purple Light Nights" event; just shine a purple light on your porch, in a window, anywhere to display your support of DV awareness! For more information about this campaign or to get your FREE purple light bulb, call or stop by the office!

If you haven't "liked" our page on Facebook, check us out!

September Newsletter

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September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month and our newsletter features a full-length article regarding facts about suicide, prevention, and recognition of signs of suicidal behaviors.  Take the time to educate yourself about suicide, it may save someone's life.

This month's newsletter also highlights some safety tips for students going back to school this fall, especially to college or university.  Estimates show that 1 in 4 college aged women will be a victim of some kind of sexual assault during her time in college. Know how to protect yourself against sexual assault and who can help if you have been sexually assaulted.

August Newsletter

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:)  Greetings from CCFV!!  :)

We have published our August Newsletter in the photos section of the website (as well as our Facebook page) featuring articles on the dangers and illegalities of "sexting" as well as important information about Wyoming's non-profit law firm, Legal Aid of Wyoming, Inc.  

For more information about these topics and more or how you can help out here at CCFV, contact us at the office!

"Be the Solution" Golf Tournament Success!

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On June 28, our agency held the annual "Be the Solution" golf tournament fundraiser at the Golf Club at Devils Tower.  This event is the biggest fundraiser that our agency puts on every year, raising money to provide victim services for our clients.

We would like to thank all of the sponsors and donors of this years tournament, as well as all of the teams that participated. The full list of sponsors is located in our photo gallery in the "Be the Solution" 2013 album and will also be included in the July newsletter.

Again, a huge "thank you" to everyone that contributed to this event! Your support is the solution to ending domestic violence and sexual assault in Crook County!

June Newsletter!

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Happy June from CCFV!! :)

This month, our focus is on Post-Trauamatic Stress Disorder Awareness. As discussed in our headline story, PTSD is a disorder that affects many victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. By creating awareness of this disorder, we wish to spread hope for treatment and regained normalcy in victims' lives.

June's newsletter also contains information on our "Be the Solution" Golf Tournament, which is coming up at the end of the month! This is the biggest fundraiser that our agency puts on every year and we all are looking forward to another great turnout! For information on participating, sponsoring, or volunteering with this event, contact us at 307-283-2415.

The full newsletter is published in the photo gallery of our website in the "News" album

Holidays and Violence

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Holidays Shouldn’t Hurt

The holidays shouldn’t hurt, but for families living with domestic violence Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years can add stress to an already stressful living situation. There is the added stress of the need for extra money for gifts or travel. Extra family togetherness can cause the batterer to feel a loss of control over their victim. Some victims won’t leave the relationship during the holidays because they believe families should be together. Often people attend holiday gatherings where alcohol is readily available and consumed, leading to more problems. Even small changes in daily activities can lead to an escalation of violence.

Batterers have more opportunities to hold power and control over their victims as holidays approach. The victim may be promised the opportunity to take a trip to go see family, only to have it taken away at the last minute. A child may be promised a certain gift, only to wake up on Christmas morning to find nothing under the tree and the batterer asking, “Why do you think I would spend my money on you?” On a positive note, there are often more family members around, which may keep the batterer from harming his or her victim(s) at holiday gatherings. A batterer rarely wants witnesses, including friends and family, to see how they are treating their loved one(s). But time at home can be a time of terror for victims of abuse.

Holidays should be filled with colorful decorations, lights, family and friends, and happiness. For those living with domestic violence, they are filled with broken promises, broken ornaments, and broken hearts instead. There is no excuse for abuse. Seasonal stress is no excuse for a batterer to start or escalate abuse. Both batterers and victims may try to excuse their batterer’s behavior because “the holidays just get to him or her”, but abuse is abuse, no matter what the season. It is always wrong.

This year county businesses and county residents are being asked to help make the holiday season brighter for families impacted by domestic violence in Crook County and participate in the Gift Giving Tree, a gift giving program organized by Crook County Family Violence and Sexual Assault Services for their clients.

Beginning November 21st, please stop by Sundance Reality located at 105 North 3rd St. to select one or more gift tags for a child. The gift tag contains information about the child as well as their holiday “wish list.”

Simply shop for the child, wrap the gifts, and return to either Sundance Reality or Crook County Family Violence.


Other Holiday Agency Needs:

Gas cards, phone cards, and monetary donations are always appreciated

Crook County Family Violence and Sexual Assault Services is here to assist victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and stalking. We offer an array of services and offer limited short term housing for victims and their children.

Please feel free to contact Sandy or Kristen at 283-2415 if you have any questions or would like to know more about the many services we have to offer.




November Newsletter

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October Blog.

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