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January is National Stalking 

Awareness Month!

What is a Stalker?

 A person who harasses another person, as a 

former lover, a famous person, etc., in an 

aggressive, often threatening, and illegal 


What should you do if you're stalked?

If you feel you have been a victim of stalking, you should seek a Stalking Order. 

Stalking Orders if granted, make it to where a stalker cannot come near your place of 

work, school, or home. The stalker isn't able to communicate with you verbally, mail, 

messaging, social media, or through another person. They also loose the privilege of 

owning or being near any firearms. Keep in mind, at the time the stalker receives the 

petition against him/her, they can become more dangerous then they were before. 

Please visit Crook County Family Violence and Sexual Assault Services for safety 

planning. This isn't to deter you from getting a Stalking Order, but your safety is the 

most important. 

What to expect when filing a Stalking Order

If you decide a Stalking Order is right for you, you can file for it either at the Crook 

County Court House or with our agency: Crook County Family Violence and Sexual 

Assault Services. We will assist you in completing the paperwork, which includes the 

petition, and information on how those papers will be served to the DEFENDANT (Stalker).

Once you have completed the Stalking Order paperwork, we will then go with you to 

file it at the courthouse. A judge will read our request and let you know whether your 

Stalking order has been granted the same day you file.

If your Stalking Order  is granted by the judge, the DEFENDANT will be served with 

the same paperwork. The DEFENDANT must then strictly follow what has been 

ordered in the Stalking Order. If the DEFENDANT breaks the order in any way, you 

MUST contact the Police or Sheriff’s Department immediately to report that you have 

an active Stalking Order  and that has just been violated. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT 


otherwise the paperwork can not help protect you.

Signs of Stalking

  • Waits around your workplace, school, or home
  • Observes you 
  • Repeated  unwanted phone calls or social media messages
  • Giving unwanted/inappropriate gifts
  • Using social media to follow you
  • Acting violently or threatening towards you
  • Too much unwanted contact
  • Ignores you when asked for them to leave you alone

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